International of Dixon, CA
We Want You!

Consider Joining in Our Effort for Service

Luncheon Meetings
By Invitation Only
Thursday Noon
Dixon Fairgrounds
Madden Hall Dining Rm.
(Door to Right of Main Gate)
655 South First Street - Dixon, CA

For More Information Contact:

SI Dixon President 2014-2015
Mary Lou Batchelor

Program Committees & Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Committees 2011-2012


  • Issues calls for meetings, giving ample notice to each member
  • Prepares an agenda for the meeting
  • Presides and leads discussions
  • A record of the meetings should be kept, and committee recommendations should be written and given to the president and an annual report prepared
  • Assigns jobs to committee members


  • Attend committee meetings
  • Participate in committee decisions with preparedness and objectivity
  • Accept willingly and carry through on work assignments
  • Support committee decisions


Program Committees

Directed by the Vice President

Economic & Social Development
Chair – Patricia Yokom

Makes you aware of economic and social conditions that affect your lives as women; speaks out to promote better conditions for women; takes actions to improve the economic and social climate of women.

Cheryl Crites

Chair – Brenda Rinearson & Cherie Schroeder

Makes you aware of programs available to women; takes action that will improve the conditions for women seeking further education to improve their quality of life. Responsible for the Young Woman of the Month.

Jamie Meville          Kim McAlister
Michelle Schroeder  Keri Mistler
Nicki Hodel             Cheryl Crites

Touch From Above
Chair – Karen Walker

Formally Frances Taylor Memorial Fund. A memorial award program, funds are received by individuals and donated in memory of others.

Cheryl Crites         Brenda Rinearson
Cherie Schroeder   Nicki Hodel


Chair – Kristina Wiley

Makes you aware of environmental concerns; advocates Soroptimist positions; takes actions that will improve the quality of life.

Keri Mistier           Kim McAlister
Susan Hall            Cheryl Crites
Bonnie Sandrock
Ways and Means
Chair – Sally Glide

Suggests methods of raising money and directs fund-raising projects approved by the club.

Karen Walker             Kim McAlister
Doris McCready     Lucy Gnos
Nicki Model            Michelle Schroeder
Brenda Rinearson  Kathy King
Eva Giannoni         Jamie Meville
Andrea Kett          Patty DeTar
Cheryl Crites         Denise Raycraft
Maggie Kittyle

Chair – Cheryl Crites

Works toward favorable public relations in the community; gaining public recognition and appreciation of Soroptimist activities.

Nicki Hodel

Recruitment & Retention and Soroptimist Orientation & Leadership Training (SOLT)
Chair – Mary Lou Batchelor

Responsible for the recruitment of new members (proposing names and encouraging members to propose names of women eligible for membership); the retention of existing members through education and involvement; the SOLT committee has a twofold responsibility: to educate club members about the heritage, purpose, objects, policies and programs of the organization; and to prepare club members for leadership within the organization and in their own communities.

Susan Joyce           Gail Pennebaker
Patty DeTar            Linda Glantz
Linda Green            Nicki Hodel
Sally Glide              Deanna Hanks
Maggie Kittyle         Kathy King

Chair – Linda Glantz

Mary Lou Batchelor  Susie Salmons
Nicki Hodel              Brenda Rinearson

Special Committees
Directed by the President

Chair – Susie Salmons

Researches all written requests for new service funds; researches new areas of service in the community.

Eva Giannoni          Barbara Bulldey
Jean Williams          Lucy Gnos Fears
Nicki Hodel             Denise Raycraft

Chair – Karen Walker

Makes you aware of how to achieve the goals of well-being; advocates conditions that will improve health for all; takes action to improve health for all peoples, particularly the handicapped.

Patricia Yokom      Jackie DuPratt
Roxie Sanders      Cheryl Crites
Bonnie Sandrock   Kristina Wiley

International Good Will and Understanding(IGU)
Chair – Keri Mistier

Works with friendship link and other international programs of SIA.

Keri Mistier           Cheryl Crites
Doris McCready    Maggie Kittyle
Dorothy Luedke

SIA Fundraising Program
Chair – Barbara Jones

Recruits applicants for the Violet Richardson & WOA Awards.

Sue Avery           Mary Lou Woolf
Cheryl Crites        Nicki Hodel

Technical Committees
Directed by the President Elect

Chair – Barbara Jones

Maintains an accurate attendance record of each member; bills members for unpaid lunches; collects lunch money at each meeting and reports to the Treasurer the number of members present.

Bea Fairfield          Sue Avery
Carol Fukumoto    Nicki Hodel

Chair – Barbara Beckworth

Responsible for devising the budget; will submit proposed operating and service budgets for the succeeding year. The committee should report at least quarterly on the state of the budget.

Karen Duncan – Treasurer
Susan Hall      – Treasurer
Nicki Hodel              Linda Green
Linda Glantz            Andrea Kett
Carol Fukumoto       Karen Walker
Dolores Garton       Patty DeTar
Denise Raycraft
Laws and Resolutions
Chair – Barbara Jones

Responsible for reviewing all proposed amendments to club procedures and for making recommendations to the club; should assist all officers, committees and members in interpretation of the laws.

Linda Green          Barbara Beckworth
Dolores Garton     Latoyia Reeb
Nicki Hodel            Barbara Jones
Maggie Kittyle

Chair – Andrea Kett & Dorothy Luedke

Responsible for taking photos at club meetings, fundraisers and events to construct the presidents book during her term.

Chair – Jamie Meville

Responsible for finding out facts or reporting slight fiction on club members to assess a fine to create funds for the “Pig” Fund.

Gail Pennebaker    Barbara Bulkley
Denise Raycraft

Chair – Linda Green

To advise the president on parliamentary law.

Chair – Rolyne Wiegand

Responsible for contacting members when it is imperative to pass along information or request information.

Denise Raycraft

Chair – Gail Pennebaker

Responsible for collection of the birthday money from club members. Money collected goes into the “Pig” Fund.

Michelle Schroeder    Latoyia Reeb
Denise Raycraft

Chair – Kay Green

Responsible for generating get well and sympathy cards for members and spouses, reporting to club members who the recipients are.

Rolyne Wiegand       Kay Green
Sue Avery               Barbara Jones
Denise Raycraft

Chair – Roxie Sanders

Responsible for setting up and removing the Soroptimist flag, microphone, etc. for each meeting.

Susie Salmons         Denise Raycraft
Doris McCready

Community Emergency Fund
Chair – Patty DeTar

Responsible for receiving special requests from the community for assistance in emergency situations.

Andrea Kett            Kim McAlister
Nicki Hodel              Barbara Bulkley
Denise Raycraft

Contributions & Service Activities
American Cancer Society

Computers to DFIS Students, Schools & Community Library

Art Fair

Bids for Kids,br />
Disaster Relief

Dixon Family Services

Dixon Fire Department

Dixon High School Scholarships

DHS Freshmen Mentoring Program

Emergency Senior Fund

“Every 15 Minutes” DHS

Fifth Grade Camp Scholarships

Fourth of July Fund

Holiday Food & Gift Baskets

International Service Projects

Middle School Music Program

Project Linus

Red Ribbon Week

Relay for Life American Cancer Society

Ruby Award

e Safe Quest Solano

Silveyville Soroptimist Reading Program

Touch From Above Youth Advancement

Toys for Tots

Violet Richards Awards

Women's Opportunity Award

Wreaths Across America

Youth Advancement Awards

Young Women of the Month

Youth Service Awards

Youth Connection Mentoring

Youth & Family Emergency Fund